Welcome to Misbeehaven Farm

EVENTS:  October is here ... Cold Springs 12th family center

Oct 17th Sparks 3rd Thur Market UNDER A TENT Victorian Square...

Oct 19th Incline Pre School

Oct 20th Pumpkin Palooza sparks victorian square

Raw Local Honey for sale

Raw Local Honey

Aaron the Beekeeper has several 🐝 bee hives 

Located in Dayton, Carson River area, and in the Reno area.  

Stacy's Spicy Jellies and Jams

Stacy's home made jams and jellies.    Hot and Spicy jellies and jams.  And Sweet Jams

We are a small local mom and pop business

We always strive to bring you our best in all our products.  Each batch of jellies and jams are made in small batches with love.  All the Honey Harvested is Local and Raw.  All of our honey is hand poured. 

Thank you for your business.